Saturday, March 31, 8:00 pm; Sunday, April 1, 2:00 pm
Giles Simmer stars as Tina!

One of Victor Herbert’s finest works, The Red Mill is loaded with many of the composer’s greatest hits, including “Moonbeams,” “Every Day is ladies Day With Me” and “In Old New York.” The show was fashioned around the comedy team of Montgomery and Stone, and is full of fun, including an attempted impersonation of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. For this production, Thomas Petiet has written a new script that tightens the plot while building on the humor.

The setting is the Red Mill Tavern in the quaint Dutch town of Katwyk-Aan-Zee. Van Borkum, the proprietor, is set on marrying his lovely daughter Gretje to the Governor of Zeeland in order to enhance his family prestige. The young lady, of course, is in love with someone else, the dashing sea captain, Dorus Van Damm. Staying at the inn is a pair of unsuccessful fortune hunters, Con Kidder and Kid Connor, who constantly dupe Van Borkum but don’t fool Tina, the old man’s feisty servant. Tina, Con and Kid ultimately join forces, though, in helping Gretje foil her father’s plans and, in the process, reunite her aunt with her old flame, the Governor.

The show will be presented in semi-concert format, with orchestra.

The Village Theater
50400 Cherry Hill Road
Canton, Michigan 48187

Adults— $20.00 Seniors/Students— $17.00 Group Rate— $15.00

To order tickets:
Credit card orders: 734-394-5460  


or at Summit on the Park, 46000 Summit Pkwy, Canton
This beautiful, state-of-the-art theater is located on the corner of Cherry Hill and Ridge Roads.