I’ve been attending every workshop that I can since I have arrived here at WMU. Last week I attended the first of a two part vocal health seminar. There was a lot of really great information that was given out. I wanted to share just one portion of that with y’all: Steps to Help Vocal Health. Enjoy!

1. Avoid using an excessively loud or soft voice.

2. Coughing, sneezing, and clearing your throat are bad! Do in moderation if possible. Cough drops!

3. No smoking or hanging out with smokers.

4. Caffeine and alcohol will dry your throat. Your daily water intake should be half your weight (in ounces). 

5. Do not use your voice when you are ill.

6. Avoid long exposures to dry or cold air.  Drink 16 oz water first thing in the morning. Get a humidifier.

7. Mouth breathing is bad. It dries you out. Avoid it especially at night.

8. Medications: be aware of the side effects!

9. If you have reflux or heartburn follow the appropriate treatment protocol. Avoid acidic foods.

10. Avoid talking with a clenched jaw.

11. In speech breath should be relaxed.

12. Breathe more frequently. Never speak until you are out of breath.

13. Are you have issues hearing? Get it checked.

14. If you are ill. DON’T SING.